The Stories

Nyamagabe Stories

Nyamagabe Stories is a project begun in 2011 to document and share the stories of the people of Nyamagabe, Rwanda through photographs, sound, and video. The goals of this project are

  • to advocate for the children and community of Nyamagabe
  • to celebrate the culture, personhood and livelihood of these people
  • to invite new participation and investment in child sponsorship
  • to document ongoing and new projects such as Lights for Learning
  • to encourage the mutual partnership between Nyamagabe and several communities in Madison, Wisconsin

The Stories
Photographic, audio, and video resources will be gathered in June-July, 2011 for the following stories, with the hope to complete at least 6-7 of these stories in 2011. Some preliminary resources for the remaining stories were already gathered this summer, with an expected return visit within 6-8 months to document and complete the remaining stories. These pieces will each be about 3-5 minutes in length, available online and on DVD, as well as two small books.

Phase One – Proposed Stories (this Kickstarter project)

  • Lights for Learning – a new pilot project to place solar powered LED lamps in several thousand homes in Nyamagabe for safe light in the evening
  • Portraits of Nyamagabe – portraits and voices, the faces and hopes of people in Nyamagabe (also to be produced as a small book)
  • Clean Water in Nyamagabe – how clean water is collected, stored, and used, and how access to clean water is improving
  • The Sponsorship Difference – the differences it makes in the life of a child and their community when they are “sponsored” by someone through World Vision
  • This is Our Life – a photo essay through the eyes of a few Nyamagabe children (photographed by the children with pocket digital cameras) (also to be produced as a small book)
  • Community Volunteers – How people in the community make all the difference, through organizations like the Community Care Coalition
  • Music Video – indigenous music with images in an overall piece which celebrates Nyamagabe.

Phase Two – Proposed Stories (after completion of this Kickstarter project)

  • History and Hope in Rwanda – a brief history of Rwanda and the way forward, through the eyes and voices of the people of Rwanda
  • School in Nyamagabe – the successes and challenges of primary and secondary education in Nyamagabe
  • Heroes of Nyamagabe – the people of the community share who their heroes are, and why
  • Farming in Nyamagabe – what people grow and how they grow it
  • Healthcare in Nyamagabe – the current state of healthcare and access throughout this hillside community
  • Reconciliation in Nyamagabe – a few of the stories of forgiveness, reconciliation, and healing, following the 1994 genocide in Rwanda
  • A Day in the Life of [ __ ] – the profile of a day in the life of a young boy or girl (a willing child and family, as recommended by local World Vision staff)
  • HIV/AIDS in Nyamagabe – the current state of HIV/AIDS prevalence, prevention, and treatment in the Nyamagabe area
  • Faith in Nyamagabe – what people believe, how they observe their faith, and how it impacts their lives and community

We hope to be able to document and share these proposed stories. However, in Africa as in the rest of the world, the unexpected can happen, and these plans may need to change. It is possible that a few of these stories won’t come to completion, and that some other important stories will take their place. The hope is that we can document and share the most important stories, and we don’t presume to know all about these stories in advance.

Our expectation is, after the first and second production visits to Nyamagabe in 2011-2012, to be able to complete at least 15 stories, or more if possible. This Kickstarter project is for the completion of the first 6-7 stories.


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